German online - Zoom, Teams or Skype

Since Covid and Brexit German online lessons have remained our most popular and best value option. Students and tutors alike love not having to commute. 

New students starting in January 2024: Learn German with your colleague, friend or partner and share the one-to-one rate for your first course.

Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm

£52 per training of 60 minutes 

£64 per training unit of 60 minutes (Business German/German for work purposes)

Above fees are based on a minimum of 10 training (20 training units for companies). Add 10% for lessons before 10am, after 6pn and at the weekend. Two students = mini-group: Add 10% to the above fee and share the cost between you.

We can sometimes offer special discounts to small businesses and self-funded work-related German courses. Please phone to discuss your situation.

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