Der Kühlschrank, der Magnet und die Beatles

by Barbara Classen

The fridge, the magnet and the Beatles or how to learn new vocab by just being at home

Would you like to learn lots of new German vocab just by being at home, effortlessly 5-10 everyday? All you need is a pen and some post-its in different colours. I used blue for DER, pink for DIE and yellow for DAS. Stick them around your flat.

Everytime you go past the item, read ALOUD: Das Regal, der Kessel, die Lampe....

You can build up slowly incorparating new basic Grammar:

Variation indefinite article (Engl. "a"): Das ist ein Regal, das ist ein Kessel, das ist eine Lampe...

Variation accusative: Ich sehe ein Regal, ich sehe einEN Kessel, ich sehe eine Lampe....

You can do the same activity in your bathroom, study, office....You will most likely come up with lots more variations as your grammar and vocab skills progress! If you feel confident that you know the word, take the post it off and carry on naming the items in your flat ALOUD.

Enjoy and notice how you build up your vocab effortlessly! And if you enjoy this activatiy please drop me a line with your own variations to be shared with other students in a next post- Thank you!


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