Reading good German books made easy

by Barbara Classen

How a publisher from Münster turns reluctant students of German into bookworms

Do you enjoy reading really good books? Is your level just about B1, A2 or even just somewhere towards the end of A1? If you can answer yes to all of these questions we recommend that you look whether the list of the publisher Spaß am Lesen is for you. The original aim was to make good literature accessible for unexperienced native German readers. Thus the pace is fast, the sentence structure easy, but the content good with the effect that you just want to read on. This feeling of having completed a page of reading in a foreign language will come fast and you will be keen to read on. And of course, as a side effect you will learn useful new vocab. You can read by yourself or ask your teacher whether she would like to discuss one of the books with you. Above are our favourite books. Austrian writer Robert Seethaler describes in Ein ganzes Leben the harsh life of a man in the Austrian Alps. Im Meer schwimmen Krokodile is the true and moving tale of a young refugee boy. Wolgang Herrndorfs Tschick, a huge success in Germany,  is about two unlikely young  friends and their adventurous road trip and finally football is in the centre of Das Wunder von Bern, but those not interested in football  will love the story as well. Unsure where to start? Be guided by the first few pages, which the publisher will give you the first few chapters for free

The books can be purchased at a 10% discount in (in person or per mailorder) in the European Bookshop or phone Steffi on 020 7 734 5259

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