Deutsch Perfekt - another great Christmas Present

by Barbara Classen

Deutsch Perfekt - for learners from A2-C2

We love Deutsch Perfekt for its really relevant topics and great (photo) journalism made accessible for learners of German from A2 onwards. The core is the main magazine, which is available in print or digital. You can also download an app on your tablet or mobile. Articles are graded at 3 different levels, but with the help of a handy glossary we find that students often proudly manage articles pitched above their level. Some articles are just a five minutes read, others continue over several pages. Topics include anything you can imagine, all in relation to German speaking countries: current affairs, politics, work, travel, books, cinema and above all… people. You will read/hear the voices of ordinary and sometimes famous people. One of my favourite regular columns (level A2 onwards) is called Mein erstes Jahr. People from all over the world now living in a German speaking country tell the reader about their first year experience. Several pages of the magazine deal with selected Grammar and vocab topics, always in context to real life situations. It also includes a German-English vocab list. The main magazine is often accompanied by a mini magazine, See for example above the mini magazine 100 Wörter Liebe included in the February edition for Valentine's day. For those of you with lots of time there is an Übungsheft (at an extra charge) for extra practice. I think it’s good, but most of our students are busy enough with the main magazine which also contains some exercises. What we wholeheartedly DO recommend though is the audio trainer  which is based in some of the articles in the magazine. Students have the chance to listen to real life conversations in (slow) German and new vocab is introduced orally.  The Christmas (gift) edition is good value as it offers a one year subscription with 6 months free audio trainer for €110,60.
Would you like to try out Deutsch Perfekt first or give a smaller present to a friend who is learning German?. Spend €16,90 for 3 months and order the mini abo.
Deutsch Perfekt is great, their homepage on the other hand could do with an English version of the  shop page.  In case of difficulties phone +49 (0) 89/121 407 10. You will be able to talk to one of their helpful customer service people in English.

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