by Barbara Classen

Can learning a foreign language make you happy ?

I strongly believe that learning a foreign language makes you happy: It is not only the fun of using your brain and heart to learn a new language. It is also the entrance to an entire new world: culture, literature, art, travel, being able to connect....Additionally when learning a new language we realise that this language has words and structures that we do not have, which gives us additional insight in the otherness of the culture whose language we learn. This is my experience since I have started my BA in Spanish Language and Culture.

When it comes to German me and my team in Freiburg and London try to instil this feeling of wonder and happiness to our students on a daily basis. Yes, and at the same time learning German can be hard work and requires time, the discipline to ideally work on it a little every day and long term dedication. If you as a learner embrace this attitude happiness will be your loyal companion. Last week I had the opportunity to give an interview in German on our work where I mentioned happiness as a key factor in learning a foreign language. If your level of German is B1 or higher please read on here and tell me what you think.

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